Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roll Cameras, "Action"

Our students are getting into movie making at a very early age. Yesterday, with the help of our new netBooks I had a group of 16 fifth graders giving up their recess to play producers. First we explored the ability of the our new netBooks to record video. That was a hoot to see since I allowed them to just play around and explore. Next I had them put on their headphones and microphones to record sound. Finally, we put the two pieces together. All of this was pretty remarkable since we only had twenty-five minutes from start to finish. All-in-all the students did a great job. The students are ready to form a club and start producing. Since I want them to gain needed skills they will be able to use in the classroom I'm planning a bit more structure to it all and have found Silvia Tolisano to be a great resource.

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