Sunday, June 15, 2008

So many blogs, so little time

Ok, your interested in blogging as a way to keep in touch with other bloggers and to enhance your classroom instruction using technology but you just do not have the time to keep up on everyone's blog or media updates. One way is to use a tool called Technorati. This web tool tracks blogs and other forms of user-generated web based media. If you sign up for the service you can mark your favorite blogs and media. Technorati will provide you a list with last updated dates so you do not have to click on each blog or media to check for updates. I have provided a link on this blog's page.

Blogging can be bad!

Setting time limits would be advisable for anyone interested in blogging. Adults will find that it can be addictive, as you can see from the posting time on this post. Also, I do not want my students staying up late blogging and then coming to school the next day unable to stay awake and learn.

What are BLOGS?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bright Idea 1

Before we go any further let me introduce My Bright Idea! Creating blogs or other web based materials will result in numerous logins and passwords for websites. Make life easier and save time by creating a login book using an address book. Record the login and passwords according to the website being used will save you frustration later. Trust took me awhile to grasp the idea.

Welcome to my instructional blog

This blog is being developed to meet a requirement for my summer UHCL Applications for Technolgy (INST 6031) class. I already maintain my 23 Things SBISD blog, contact other bloggers, and build blogs with my students so my time is very valuable and limited. With this in mind I probably will not maintain this course required blog's content after finishing the class. However, I do plan to include something useful so the process will not be a total waste of my time.

Because I believe that the use of technology in the classroom helps better prepare my students for the future I will be adding instructional information on blogging to share with my students later.