Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thing 6

I went to the Apple store and even signed up for a class but when I got there they were so busy and the workers I did talk to didn't know where I was to go to for the class. I got so frustrated that I just left. Many people are buying the iTouch and iPhone so I have had a chance to watch people play with their "toys" and it is amazing what can be accomplished with these small tools. So much so that I probably will make it my next phone when my plan is up for renewal. During my recient library internship I had hoped to help students and small groups that were using the iTouch for Problem Based Learning so I could become more familer with the tools before they were put into my own library but I never had the opportunity. I am still not sure elementary students are ready for this type of technology yet since they still lack some very basic computer skills. Even students at my home school lack these skills, and our teachers do a great job of exposure to technology and making sure they are learning how to use MS products like word, powerpoint, and even publisher. They creat products using Flickr, animotos, and trading cards and these basic skills are helpful for students to understand and use tools like the iTouch. However touch screen computers might be a better fit for elementary with the shift to iTouches later in middle and high school.
For now I have a poor woman's version, the AT&T LG Vu, and that has been enough of a learning curve although limited since so many apps are intended for the iPhone. I will continue to play with my touch screen phone and try to become more familiar in preparation for our new tools this fall.
Having wikipedia off limits for awhile due to mischevious students is very sad. We may have to handle this type of problem on a greater scale once we have more technology available for students to use and why AUP's even more vital.


VWB said...

I too am thinking of replacing my phone with Itouch so I can play (even more than I do now)

The elementary PBL kids did super things with the Itouchs ...and some of the difficulties disappeared because no typing was required!

it was so inspiring to watch the excitement and enthusiasm!

RCELibrarian said...

my whole idea of an itouch changed after working with the students during summer school...I don't know if I can afford the Iphone...but I will be using th itouch... same things...just have to find a wi-fi connection...The kids just LOVED them.

Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

I always feel very old and out of touch when I go to the Apple store.